Hello friends, family, coworkers, and those I have yet to meet. I’ve created this blog to keep you all up to date on my expedition to the summit Mt. Everest. I have taken a 2 month leave from work to participate in a 60 day expedition which will be guided by Alpine Ascents International. If successful, I hope to take the Panamanian flag to our world’s highest peak and complete a personal goal of several years. Through this blog, I hope to share with you my experience in this magical country rooted in Buddhist culture and tradition. Please feel free to post your comments or email me at morales@cryogasonline.com or mmorales71@gmail.com. Best wishes to all, specially my son and daughter at home.

Hola amigos, familiares, colegas y todos los que no he tenido el placer de conocer. He creado este blog para mantenerlos al dia de mi expedicion a la cima del Mt. Everest. He tomado una licencia de 2 meses de mi trabajo para participar en esta expedición de 60 dias que sera guiada por Alpine Ascents International. De tener exito, espero llevar la bandera Panameña a al punto mas alto de nuestro mundo y asi completar una meta personal de hace varios años. A través de este blog, espero compartir con ustedes mi experiencia en este mágico país rodeada de cultura y tradición budista. Favor postear sus comentarios o escribirme por correo electronico a morales@cryogasonline.com o mmorales71@gmail.com. Saludos y bendiciones a todos, especialmente, mi hijo y mi hija en casa.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23 - Summit - Congratulations

Hola Amigos y Familia,  MICHAEL MORALES ESTA EN LA CIMA DE EVEREST (8,850 metros).   ---Felicitaciones ---  Ya esta en su retorno a campamento 4 (South Col.) donde descansaran.  La verdad es que estoy sin palabras.  Abajo les copio el comunicado.---Ricardo---

Hello Friends and Family,  MIKE IS ON THE SUMMIT OF EVEREST (29,035 feet).  ---
Congratulations---  He is now descending to camp 4 (South Col.)  where he will rest.  Right now I am speechless.  Below is a copy of the post confirming his arrival.---Ricardo---

May 23, 2009 - More Summits!!!

Ok, here’s the rest of our summit results. I already reported that Lakpa, Kay and Chewang Nima, Stephen Coney and Mingma, Frank Slachman and Dawa Nuru, and Lori and Tsering Dorjee were the first ones to reach the summit of Everest this morning. Since then the following members and guides reached the top: Garrett, Michael Horst, Adam, Tom, Phil, Matt, and Michael Morales. Sherpas accompanying them were Thapkee (his second summit this season), Fura Kancha, Pa-Rita, Ang Sona, and Dawa Tsheri. This makes a total of 11 westerners and 10 sherpas. Congratulations to everyone. There are also a couple of names missing from this list. Vern was not feeling well and turned around and headed back to the South Col. Jeffrey James (JJ) made it to the South Summit, but turned around there. Both Chris and Frank H. also turned around along with their sherpas, Dorjee and Ang Passang. I’m still waiting for updates on how everyone is doing. The guides will be calling in from several locations as they head down. And of course I’ll let you know when everyone is safe back at the South Col.


  1. Congratulations Michael on your successful climb. Come home safe and if you're in California, let's get a cerveca. I'm so glad you and Matthew made it.
    -Todd DuPuy

  2. It was a real pleasure meeting both of you on this climb. As you know, Matt is a super strong climber and great person to be around with. Good luck to both of you and hope to meet up with all again soon.


  3. Felicidades Michael a ti y a panama